6 button transmitter for industrial doors


  • can operate up to 216 different industrial doors with a few simple button presses

Normal usage of TX6CD

  1. the operator presses two of the numbered buttons in sequence, e.g. 3 and 4.
  2. when the green button is pressed, the transmitter sends a radio signal to the door with number 34, which will open.
  3. if the green button is pressed again within 16 seconds (default), a new signal is sent to the door, which will close.

Detailed functionality and configuration options

  • in the example above, the TX6CD is set to use 2 button mode. In this mode it is possible to control up to 36 doors.
  • if the TX6CS is set to 3 button mode, it is possible to control up to 216 doors.
  • in case the operator presses the wrong button by accident, he/she just needs to press the correct sequence and then the green button. The transmitter will ignore all pressed number except the last two (or three) numbers.
  • the default timeout of 16 seconds is configurable up to 8 minutes.
  • every press of the green button uses only a few seconds of radio usage, which means that the 30 hours of battery will last for a large number of door openings.

Highlights – TX6CD

  • rechargeable battery allowing for up to 30 hours of radio usage
  • handheld with ergonomic design
  • long range operation, can be used at up to 500 meters
  • operates at the 434 MHz band
  • can operate on 69 different channels
  • water and dust resistant
  • CE approved